Kepple Create New Industries


Start-ups change the world Takahiro KanzakiRepresentative

Today, technological advancements are causing great paradigm shifts in every industry around the world. And many of these paradigm shifts are driven by the ‘entrepreneurs’ who are hungry for growth and seek change in today’s society.

Birth of the Internet has lowered the hurdle to starting one’s own business, and we see no end to the number of start-ups around the world that accomplish growth at a speed which would have been unimaginable before.

The world can be changed in the blink of an eye by the power of just one entrepreneur with ambitions.

And the ones who support this entrepreneur are the ‘investors’. Investors who subscribe to the vision of entrepreneurs have the power to lead to early realization of their dreams.
In a sense, entrepreneurs with nothing but their great ambitions could never realize their dreams without the help of the investors.

By working together, these entrepreneurs and investors create paradigm shifts, which will lead to better lives and greater happiness for people who live in the renewed society.

How should Kepple Group operate within today’s society in an age of rapid and drastic changes, so we can continue contributing to its development? The answer to this question is perhaps something we will keep pursuing through the businesses we create. However, regardless of how much technology develops in the future, there is no question that it will always be the entrepreneurs and investors that will reinvent this world.

That is why Kepple Group conduct our own activities as an entrepreneur and investor to contribute to society. At the same time, we will continue our utmost best in supporting the creation of new industries by providing services that aid other entrepreneurs and investors.

Paradigm shifts caused by technological advancements will likely become even more drastic in the future. In such an age of great changes, we must become a Group that can answer to people’s needs with our vision to ‘Create New Industries in the World’ in mind and continue challenging ourselves in our quest of contributing to the development of society.